Ir. W.J.M. (Wilfried) van Mierlo

general director

As a consultant and member of the board my work mostly revolves around projects in the healthcare sector, such as the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, the Westeinde Hospital in The Hague and the Radboud UMCN in Nijmegen. My primary projects of the past few years have included several assignments for Shell, a few of the Dutch ministries (e.g. the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague) as well as theatre and music venues like the Heineken Music Hall.

Drs. ing. Th.A. (Theo) de Boer

Consultant and Member of the Board

I use my expertise in education and (inner) urban redevelopment in my daily work as a consultant and member of the board. I am currently involved in the renovation of Gebouw 2400 (faculties FEW and FALW) at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. It is with great satisfaction that I look back on our bureau’s work for the city hall of The Hague.

Ir. J.J. (Jacques) Mol

Consultant and Member of the Board

As a member of the board and consultant for the development of various projects and buildings, I have in recent years worked on the faculties of Physics, Maths and Information Technology at the University of Amsterdam. In addition, I have been involved with both the city hall and Muziektheater (Theatre of Music) in Amsterdam and am proud of my contribution to the Technical University of Delft and the Hogeschool (College) for the Arts in Rotterdam.

Ir. J. (Jan) van Melle



J.J. (Koos) de Korte


My job here at Valstar Simonis is mostly focused on the larger accounts. My specialisation lies with the renovation of projects and buildings. A good example of this is the renovation of various Shell computer centres and offices. The most challenging projects of the recent past have been the renovations of the D- and E-piers of Schiphol Airport.

ir. H.R. (Hans) Franke



ir. P. (Paul) Verdurmen


What fascinates me as a designer of building-related installations is the great diversity of factors that influence a project’s final result. Being able to grasp those factors during a project’s design period and bringing them through to the period of implementation is an interesting challenge. Understanding what a customer truly wants is the key to sound advice. A little bit of stubbornness is a part of that, but must be based upon knowledge and experience. The fact that I have worked as an (electro)technician and project manager for years has proven very useful in my current position as consultant. Even though I am now responsible for large parts of a design, it is still fun and often necessary to “take the plunge”. My specialities in this are in operationally reliable electricity supply, lighting and security.

ir. J. (John) Kalkman



Ing. E.E. (Eric) Steinebach

Office Chief Apeldoorn


ir. R. (Ronald) Gout


In my role as consultant and management representative of Quality Assurance I focus primarily on electronic installations, including telematics and security. I have been able to use this expertise while working for the ING Postbank and the Noorderlijke Hogeschool in Leeuwarden. At the Computercentrum Belastingdients Apeldoorn I worked on the quality of their electrotechnical installations. Within the specified planning and prepared system test time the entire building is (will be?) supplied with excellent security.

J.A. (Andre) den Breems

Office Chief Eindhoven

As the chief of our Eindehoven office I have been involved with accounts in the fields of mechanical engineering, healthcare and negotiations with installers and subcontractors on behalf of the customer. I am currently focusing on projects for the Radboud Hospital in Nijmegen and several of ABN Amro’s banks. It is with great commitment and dedication that I have worked for the Catharina Hospital, where an entirely new infrastructure was implemented.

ing. W.J.P. (Wim) Walraven



ing. H.J. (Rico) Logman

Office Chief Amsterdam


ing. J.S.C. (Jos) Broersen


I have been involved with fitting technique consulting for over twenty years. During this time I have been a part of a broad variety of projects: schools, offices, factories, distribution centres, stores, housing projects, concert halls, etc. The emphasis has however been on the healthcare sector for the past few years, both the development of new estate as well as renovation (approximately ten nursing homes, amongst other things). As of October 2007 I have come to work at the Amsterdam office and am helping this quickly growing department to expand so that it may serve the entire Amsterdam region (including all of the Noord Holland province).

ir. J.H. (Jan) Leusink

Office Chief Groningen

The Valstar Simonis office in Groningen is by now fully founded and operational. My continued task is to give shape to the further expansion of the Groningen office. It is from Groningen that Valstar Simonis’ vision of fitting techniques shall be carried out across the Northern and Eastern parts of the Netherlands. Besides fitting techniques projects in the development or renovation markets we will also commit to matters of energy for buildings and their direct environment vicinity.