Building services installations

Valstar Simonis is an independent Dutch bureau of engineers specialising in (technological) building services. More than eighty employees advise businesses, governments and developers in all aspects of fitting techniques.

“It is in moderation that the true master is shown”: the same goes for the fitting of installations. The art of omission demands significant knowledge, however. Valstar Simonis has possessed that knowledge for over fifty years; technical knowledge, but also knowledge of process control.

For we feel that it all comes down to a single thing in the end:
suitable and successful installation, executed on time and within budget.

  Universiteit Wageningen, gebouw Orion
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    Dutch Hospital Design

    A group of Dutch hospital designers and engineers have joined forces in Dutch Hospital Design.

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  • Projects

    The Rotterdam

    The Rotterdam, also called vertical city, consists of 3 towers of 135 meters.

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  • Projects

    Haga Hospital (The Hague)

    Haga Hospital is building partner Volker Wessels. 'Refreshing, innovative, trusted under that umbrella has ...

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  • Publications

    Valstar Visie

    There is again a new vision of Valstar. In this edition an interview with Johan Remkes, the transition of commercial real estate and the Haga Hospital.

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