Feasibility of sustainable energy systems. BREEAM assessment of your plans. But also fully elaborating a super-sustainable building.
Apart from certified assessors BREEAM new construction, Valstar Simonis also employs a number of experts for both BREEAM existing construction, and Use as Area Development. With a Quick Scan we can make it clear to you for both new construction and existing construction which BREEAM score is part of the options. Of course the BREEAM experts of Valstar Simonis can counsel the further BREEAM course during design and (re) construction activities, if desired with a BREEAM certificate as a result. We will be happy to hold a discussion with you in order to see which sustainable ambitions suits you.

Apart from the BREEAM system, we also have knowledge of and experience with other sustainability labels, such as Greencalc+, GPR, and LEED.

Sustainability in designing

Our most concrete contribution to sustainability lies in properly designing installations for buildings. A sustainable building starts with a well-thought over constructional design; our experts are used to act as sparring partner of the architect in order to thus reach efficient and integral solutions. We know the effects of design choices and assist in making the correct ones. Thereby we take responsibility that your project will not become an experiment. We use innovative techniques of which the effectiveness has proven itself.
Furthermore we design with an Eye for Management: the life of a building only starts once it has been delivered. In the design we therefore have to properly take possible changes in the future and the (simple) way of maintenance into account.
An aid at that is the Building Information Model (BIM), whereby bottlenecks become immediately visible in a 3D design environment.