“Our team for you: experienced, involved, creative and enthusiastic!”

Mr. Wilfried van Mierlo B Sc, Senior Advisor, Valstar Simonis BV
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With our enthusiastic team we operate from five branches in the Netherlands.

“In the end it is only about one thing: a suitable installation, on time, and realised within budget.”

Patrick van den Boom, Director / Project Manager, Aronsohn Management consulting engineers bv

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With passion and unbridled energy we work on your projects. We even call them “our” projects. From huge and complex to small and fast. We invite you to come and take a look at a broad selection of projects.

“Designing building-specific installations is a specialism.”

Arnold Sikkel, Architect BNA, EGM architects

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We know all aspects of installation technique in and around your premises.Apart from our main disciplines mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, we also advise in the field of measuring and regulating technique, sustainability, and management & maintenance.

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