Valstar Simonis recognises the necessity to make our society sustainable. Therefore we work on comfortable, flexible buildings that do not burden our living environment. Or that even make a positive contribution to that. How do we achieve this?


A building in which you work and live pleasantly, retains its value. Comfort contributes to the health and productivity of people. Building installations help at that, but we are of the opinion: the less, the better. By doing business in a socially responsible way, Valstar Simonis offers its employees a solid and fine basis to issue and advice that is consistent with the above vision.

Less energy consumption

Decreasing the use of energy is of great importance for the environment. And in view of the ongoing increase of energy prices: for each organisation and company. We help clients and end users to choose the best energy-saving solutions.


If a building can be easily modified to changing functions, it is sustainable as well. This requires inventively designed and applied installations.

User phase

For a long life-span, the installation design must be tuned to the user phase. Therefore it must be possible that the installations are maintained and managed easily.

Effective and efficient use of water and materials

Effective and efficient use of water and materials also belong to a sustainable building. We see to a proper balance between installation-technical and constructional facilities. Based on the costs of life span (Life Cycle Analysis) we make the correct assessment.