BIM stands for Building Information Model, Building Information Modelling, or Building Information Management.

With the experience of around 35 large projects, such as hospitals, universities, and laboratories, we may count ourselves to the most progressive consultants in the Netherlands in the field of BIM.
Since 2010, Valstar Simonis has been active in 3D modelling with Revit, and has trained itself during the past years in the ‘Big-BIM’ method.
Thereby the BIM model is a central location for information where architect, constructor, client, and Valstar Simonis work integrally on one construction model.

The work method differs essentially from a normal design process. BIM modellers are independent designers who make arrangements together with the designers of the other disciplines and shape the virtual building. Thereby especially the open and integral way of collaboration matters. Since 2010, we have worked on a fixed team of 10 BIM modellers who are meanwhile very experienced with both the Revit-MEP package, and IFC exchanges. For years on end we create our own families (library parts) and even test BIM programs for manufacturers. Our task force gives BIM training courses for modellers, project managers, and the project management. Herewith ‘BIMming’ is founded in all layers of the organisation.

In 2013, a student at Utrecht College graduated with us in the field of model transfer in case of BIM projects.  By means of research and interviews with 16 nationwide installers he has written a report in which is clearly explained what we as consultants have to comply with so that the installers can later properly use the BIM model for the elaboration. Herewith we made a further step in stimulating the chain collaboration and therewith laid the basis for the success of the BIM system in the construction chain.