A quick scan of your housing. Can simple improvements be obtained in the field of energy consumption, maintenance, and comfort in your premises? Let us surprise you by the simple options for energy-saving and lower exploitation costs, also for your building!
In the course of time, many installations in existing building function far from optimally.  Research has shown that in more than 70% of the utility buildings energy and money are wasted because of improper functioning, inadequate management and maintenance of the installations, and non-economical actions from users.
Valstar Simonis has therefore developed a Quick Scan optimisation energy consumption. Therewith we can help you to decrease the energy consumption and implementing maintenance of installations in a strategic way.

Wasting energy (costs)

When a building is delivered, the climate installations generally function perfectly. In due time set points are modified or during an internal renovation the existing climate installation is insufficiently taken into account. This results in complaints regard comfort and a moderately functioning climate installation. Waste of energy and a too high energy bill are the result.

Management and Maintenance as part of your strategy

Management and maintenance of a building is often regarded as a ’necessary evil’. It is however part of a combined action between the technique and the use of a building. If this combined action runs properly, you achieve an optimum result in comfort and energy.

Quick scan optimisation energy use

The quick scan optimisation energy use of Valstar Simonis provides you with insight in the energetically functioning of your building. We look into the technique of the building, the organisation of management and maintenance, and how the building is used. By means of those insights we indicate where unnecessary energy is used and how this can be improved within the combined action of Technique, Management & Maintenance, and Use. This contains both technical and procedural measures.
The quick scan provides insight in:

  • Energy waste and savings options
  • Management & Maintenance optimisations
  • Measure of sustainable use of the building

In order to come to:

  • Energy savings
  • Lower exploitation costs
  • More sustainable use of your building

Valstar Simonis Method

After studying the data to be received, an experienced specialist of Valstar Simonis will pay a visit to the building. Thereby the constructional and installation-technical characteristics are reviewed, as well as the building management system. We discuss with the manager how the building is used and how the maintenance takes place. As final result you will receive a brief report which not only contains an indication on how much you can save on your current exploitation costs, but also how you can actually realise those savings.