The Agora Theatre catches the eyes because of the special constructional design. The building was designed as a facetted sculpture with a skin that creates a kaleidoscopic effect because of the differing perforations. Inside, the building is organised around a vertical foyer, located underneath a huge roof light. The various levels are connected by broad staircases which can be seen from the foyer at any point. The conveniently arranged setup makes orientation easy, because of which visitors can find their destination without any trouble.

In the building there is a large hall with fixed seating, as well as a small hall with a flat floor and sliding tribunes. For the use as meeting and congress centre, multi-functional halls are furthermore available, which can be subdivided with separating walls.

Agora Theater Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

In order to be able to anticipate on the multi-functional use, the installations were subdivided in as many zones as layout options are available as well. Those zones in turn can be connected if separating walls are removed. Because of the special architecture, strict requirements are set to the discharges of installation in the façade and on the roofs. For instance, no chimneys, ventilation pipes, or (cooling) equipment emerged in the building, and in the façades no grids or outlets were applied. All facilities were applied underneath the perforated skin, whereby the surfaces and perforation level were precisely tuned to the constructional design. This resulted in various special solutions. The facetted façade provided designing rain water facilities with a completely new dimension. Since the facets are located under “double angles”, the rout of the rain water is whimsical. Also the bends of the grooves applied in the facets are located under various angles, because of which the dimensioning of these grooves had suddenly become a problem in itself.
Valstar Simonis took the dimensioning for its part and together with the constructional contractor has elaborated the practical solution of the grooves.

Agora Theater Valstar Simonis

The lighting installation inside the building is noteworthy as well. By making use of coloured (LED) lighting, it is possible to accentuate the various hall entrances each with their own colour. Visitors can find the own hall entrance by following the correct colour through the corridors. The intensity can be regulated, so that the start and finish of performances can be indicated by this lighting. Furthermore, the foyers were provided with special lighting in close collaboration with the architect.