The St@art offers room to the new office and educational centre of the Apenheul and the Natuurhuis. Apart from an office, companies and organisations can for example encounter an excellent location for business meetings here. The St@art has a state-of-the-art auditorium available, with room for 350 visitors, as well as various meeting locations. The centre offers - possible in combination with a visit to the Apenheul - an excellent location for symposiums and meetings of organisations and companies. Furthermore, because of the presence of class rooms, an atelier, and a photo exhibition, it also offers a meeting functionality for (nature) foundations, entrepreneurs, scholars, and visitors to the Apenheul and the Berg & Bos park. There is also space for a veterinarian with some animal houses.

Apenheul de Staart Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The installations were developed by a construction team. The draft design was formulated by Valstar Simonis, the final design and the design ready for implementation were elaborated by BAM Techniek.
From the beginning, sustainability came first with the design. With concrete-core activation a comfortable living climate was realised. Thereby the concrete-core activation was also made visible to visitors, but making it partially visible below a glass panel. The concrete-core activation was linked to a soil storage system for heat and cold. Because of the location of the building in a water generation area, the application of open sources was not permitted. Therefore a closed sources systems was used.
The modern T5 lighting, set to presence and dimmed depending on daylight, sees to a pleasant and energy-saving light.