The B’Tower is located in the centre of Rotterdam, straight next to the Bijenkorf shopping centre.

Starting point of the project was to comply with the wishes of the municipality that young, high-educated can also keep living in the city centre after completing their studies.

39 B'Tower Valstar Simonis

The building is seventy metres high and offers room for fifty-four private properties and twenty-four lease properties, divided over the top fifteen construction layers. All properties are equipped with spacious outside areas in the form of a balcony, of which the transparent finishing connects to the glass façade. The plinth was used for retail and parking.

A branch of The Sting occupies the first three layers; on top of that there are two layers with parking spaces.

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The commercial area was delivered body+ to The Sting. This means that the room is equipped with a sprinkler installation, lifts, and staircases.

The apartments are equipped with floor heating/cooling (with individual regulation per room) and balanced mechanic ventilation. The heat is supplied by Eneco and the cold is independently produced centrally at one of the parking layers. For ventilation, two (parking floor and roof) air treatment cabinets with high yield (85%) heat recollection are installed with channel systems to the apartments. The houses offer two (charge and discharge) variable volume regulators with 30-100% regulation in the kitchen. This regulation can optionally be replaced by a moist sensor in the bathroom and/or a CO2 sensor in the living and/or bedrooms.

As far as sanitary and electro-technical installations are considered, traditional installations were provided for, however with a luxurious to very luxurious level of finishing.