We have already been “house consultant” at this top-clinical hospital since 1998. Apart from many maintenance projects (via a framework agreement) huge expansions and renovations were realised by us. Recently a new framework agreement for the coming years was concluded. In 2013, the implementation of the renovation of the beds’ house and poly-clinical building A was started.

A selection from the many projects: radiotherapy, MRI (magnetic resonance rooms), angio room (heart research), dialysis department, children’s department, maternity ward, PAAZ department (psychic mentally handicapped), renovation ground poly-clinic, robot room laboratory, new construction RGC, restructuring E installations (increasing reliability), implementation cold centre (water pumps in combination with soil storage system), standard nursing departments, renovation of all lifts (five bed lifts, seventeen staff lifts, six small goods lifts), multi-purpose room, replacing regulation installation, renovation dish washing kitchen, replacing lighting fixtures, heart catherising rooms (four), production kitchen (uncoupled cooking), various small projects (is this an addition?), renovation of laboratories, entrance hall, new construction poly-clinic, pharmacy, new construction SHE (construction team collaboration), certification of fire alarm installations.

Catharina Ziekenhuis Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Special to this design is the phased realisation over a long term. In order to guarantee consistency of the installation setup, we developed a Master Plan with regard to the technical installations whereby the short-term problems (shortage of cooling capacity and electrical power supply) in relation to the structure desired in the long term is solved.
The complete infrastructure, both W & E technically, was investigated. Improvements, especially with regard to the energy consumption and increasing reliability, were recorded in this. All measures proposed are applied in phases. After completion of the activities a very reliable installation emerges that is energy-saving, flexible, and prepared for the future.

Innovative aspects
At the renovation of especially the nursing departments patient-friendly solutions were pursued. This means: pursuing a “homely” atmosphere. Firstly, a test floor was reconstructed. Based on the experiences with the test floor and by pursuing more standardisation, a huge repetitive factor was obtained, because of which much appears to be possible within the budget.

Catharina Ziekenhuis Valstar Simonis

Central hall
Since the central hall is the logistical bottleneck, modifications regularly takes place in order to maintain and/or improve client friendliness and sound logistics. In the central hall, patients are registered and visitors are informed. Part of the central hall also includes the visitors’ restaurant.

Apart from putting the patient at the centre point and a conscious use of materials, the energy consumption is minimised by the choice for cold storage in the ground.