The children’s day care centre De Walnoot and Mythyl school De Theramiek offer room to children aged 2 through 18 years with a mental or physical limitation. The children’s day care centre stimulates all aspects of development, so that the child can manifest itself optimally. 

Joyful primary colours provide the outside with a mirror-image of what happens inside. Two large lifts with cage doors on both sides see to effective vertical transport inside the building between the three construction layers. A large number of group and sanitary rooms is equipped with a hoist lift system, including the areas belonging to the swimming pool. 

De Walnoot en De Theramiek

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

By applying a very limited free space above the lowered ceiling in the public rooms, the realisation of an extra floor was possible within the destination plan in place.

Within the framework of sustainability, hygiene, and the protection of the clients, the complete building is equipped with floor heating. The whole building is ventilated mechanically (charge and discharge) by means of two air treatment systems with heat recollection. The ventilation air is also cooled during the summer.

For a pleasant climate in the playing rooms above the in-house swimming pool, these rooms are equipped with floor cooling.