The 'De Lotus' Brede School (community school) is a multifunctional building with 18 classrooms for three primary schools, a day nursery and a multifunctional media area. The approximately 3,300 m2 building is of a sustainable nature.

Bredeschool de Lotus-5

An integral and complete BIM model was developed, in cooperation with Topos Architects and Pieters Bouwtechniek structural engineers, right through to the detailed and materialized building specification level (LOD 400). The model was developed with the Revit programme. The model was worked out to the smallest detail, including all electricity, water, sanitary and transport services. This resulted in a fully detailed, coordinated design.

Bredeschool de Lotus-8

The model was used during the design phase to tailor the design closer to the client's expectations. In addition, clash checks were carried out with the Solibri model checker program. This resulted in a design that was without clashes and which was very simple to construct for the various contractors. The contract price was 10% lower than the management estimate, in part due to the complete detailing of the tender documents. There were no clashes during the construction phase.

3D_Installaties_2 De Lotus

During and after the design phase the model was made available to the client and users in DWFX format, who were then able to use the free Autodesk Viewer programme to take a virtual walk through the building and view the interior. The building is equipped with a comfoSchool system that achieves ventilation levels which meet the indoor climate category A requirements. The building has a sustainability score of GPR 7.4 (overall).