At Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam, the multi-functional complex “The Rotterdam” was developed. The building consists of three towers of around 140 metres high and a plinth. The plinth contains a car park for over 650 cars, as well as commercial functions such as shops and catering. In the towers there are apartments, offices, and a hotel of all sorts of different tenants and owners.

Valstar Simonis has designed all installation for the apartments, car park, and commercial functions. Furthermore the central facilities for the complete building (heat/cold and electric facilities, sprinkler installation) were part of our activities.

De Rotterdam

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

In the design of the central heat generation for all functions within the complex, sustainable generation was provided for by means of connecting to the available district heating network of Eneco.   By providing for 1 central energy supply for the various independent functions, the necessary floor surface for technique in the building is considerably reduced.

The energy plant is linked to the adjacent Maas River. By using this link, the ‘energy’ in the river can be used. During the wintertime the link is used to extract cold from the river. During the summertime, the link is used to emit superfluous condenser heat against a very high COP (coefficient of performance). Therefore cooling towers on top of the building become superfluous.

High temperature heat is generated by means of warm heating coupling (WKK). Instead of conventional heating oil, gas, or diesel, bio-oil or bio-diesel is heated in this. By using the bio-fuel, the installation functions CO2-neutral. The generated heat is sold to the apartments and the hotel for the benefit of the heat tap water preparation. The electricity produced is used for the management of the central installations.

The air treatment cabinets with high yield (85%) heat recollection are installed at one of the above-ground car park floors for the apartments in the low rise, and at the highest roof for the apartments in the high rise. The houses offer two (charge and discharge) variable volume regulators with 30-100% regulation in the kitchen. This regulation can optionally be replaced by a moist sensor in the bathroom and/or a CO2 sensor in the living and/or bedrooms. For the heating and cooling the apartments are equipment with floor heating/cooling (with individual regulation per room).

Outsourcing provision of energy

Since the premises will in future house several owners and tenants and only one central heating and cooling facility is available for all these different owners and tenants, the realisation, the maintenance, and the management of the energy plant was outsourced to an external market party. This is Eneco.