The new construction of the Fioretti College in Hillegom is a school building for advanced intermediate vocational education and offers room to the education in Economics, Technique (among other things vehicle technique), and Healthcare & Wellbeing. Rooms for outside school hours’ nursery and a dance school are also provided for. The project consists of a main building and a sports building.

Fioretti College 

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Point of departure at the construction of the buildings was flexibility, comfort, and a profitable exploitation. Sustainability was held in high regard at this. The design of the installations is linked to this principle. The building is equipped with a balanced mechanical ventilation system so that heat recollection becomes possible. Extra contents were given to comfort and sustainability by applying energy storage in the ground, in combination with a water pump installation. The basis of the climate installation is constituted by a concrete core activation system.

Fioretti College

Because of the location close to a factory of Draka Interfoam, the realisation was interrupted a couple of times. This resulted in many location surveys and modifications of the plans. Finally, the new construction was still situated at this location.