A fire station must be a “home” for the fire brigade. The design focussed on a 24-hours’ stay, and was among other things equipped with a living room, bedroom, large kitchen, and fitness room.

Brandweerkazerne Rijswijk Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Since the new construction was built on almost the same location as the existing fire station, the project was divided into two phases. Of course the day-to-day activities of the fire brigade should not be disturbed by this. Technical points of attention included among other things the various user times within the framework of energy savings and the pressure load of waste water of the discharge grids in the depot, in relation to the heavy load of the fire engines. For turning out, the fire station was equipped with automatic sliding doors, loops in the road surface, and a traffic regulation installation.
After the first phase of the new fire station was delivered in 2008, the old fire station was demolished. The second phase of the new construction was delivered in 2009.