In the existing hospital, some rooms belonging to the obstetrics and maternity care department were adapted into Family-Oriented Unit (GGE). In the GGE, the mother to be can be taken care of by the obstetrics department some days before giving birth. The delivery takes place in the same room, as well as the maternity care afterwards. The rooms have obtained a more homely appearance.
At the front of the current hospital building a new wing was realised. It consists of a basement and four construction layers for two radiation units and treatments room for the Arnhem Radio-Therapeutic Institute (ARTI), the oncology department (poly-clinic and treatment department), and two nursing departments of the hospital. The new wing is linked to the existing building via the central hall. The central hall was expanded and the entrance was relocated to the front.

Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei Valstar Simonis

The complete project took place in phases, in order to create “shifting room” and to guarantee the continuity of day-to-day business. Besides a Master Plan was formulated whereby the central facilities for cooling were expanded and those for mains current and emergency current were modified and expanded. The whole complex will finally be provided with 100% emergency current.

By the end of 2013 the new construction of the oncology department, including the setup for ARTI (Arnhem Radio-Therapeutic Institute) was delivered. The body design was separated from the build-in package. This enhanced the speed of the projects (the construction could start out earlier) and provided the client/users with the space to apply the final design as late as possible. This means that the build-in package could reflect the most current wishes of the user, which resulted to less changes of design during the implementation phase.
From the beginning, the project was set up in a 3D BIM model by means of Autodesk Revit. The contractor and subcontractor elaborated the ZGV part further during the implementation phase in Revit and was supplied as BIM revision model upon delivery. ARTI has chosen to have the engineering elaborated in 3D for the benefit of the realisation.

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

At the GGE demolition of the respective rooms was assumed, upon which the rooms were subsequently newly designed, linked to the existing infrastructure.
For the new construction the installations were developed as a body in construction team collaboration. The Preliminary Design and the Final Design were elaborated by Valstar Simonis, including the 3D body model in Revit. During the specifications phase, Heijmans has elaborated some parts that were added to the 3D design by Valstar Simonis. From the implementation phase of the body, Heijmans has carried out the design activities.

Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei Valstar Simonis

The layout, both of the Gelderse Vallei Hospital and ARTI was elaborated by Valstar Simonis from the body. The layout of the hospital was recorded in a work description, added with 3D arrangements drawings (AT) in Revit. The layout of ARTI was elaborated by us into specifications, fully in 3D.

Because of the body design, the building can be set up flexibly. Whereas the body under construction was started with the design of the institution. Two floors were delivered as body, but without layout yet. Various types of layout for these floors were enabled by the constructional, constructive, and installation-technical setup of the body.