This project was awarded to the Helder Oranje consortium. This design of 'our' consortium came closest to meeting the tender document requirements for the Design, Build and Maintain contract.


The Gemini Ziekenhuis and the residents in and around Den Helder may gain a marvellous hospital, a hospital where the staff like to work, the patients feel at ease and everyone enjoys a visit.

The requirements for the design of the new hospital have, in analogy with Gemini, two sides: an extremely rational side and an extremely emotional side. The tender documents refer to these sides as the Living Building Concept and the Planetree Concept. This project demonstrates that this apparent contrast can readily be reconciled in one building.

Gemini_DO schachten2

The combination of ultimate flexibility in two very rational sections of the building with a convivial intermediate area that has a natural feel and which can remain virtually unchanged, and of an efficient organization with a relaxed atmosphere: the building accommodates and conveys every facet of these concepts throughout the design.