We handle renovation projects for SNS REAAL throughout the Netherlands. One of the most sizeable ones is the SNS REAAL Head Office in the Hojel complex in Utrecht. Thereto we advised both SNS REAAL and the owner of the building, ING Real Estate. Together with Veldhoen + Company, SNS REAAL has introduced “The New Working”. One of the most important areas for changing over to “The New Working” is “The Plaza”.

“The Plaza” acts as a chain of rooms for various activities and provides another interpretation to “Working and Eating”. The Plaza connects three floors by means of a “sun lounge” that is wide at the ground floor and then narrows up to the top floor. The “sun lounge” is equipped with a green roof for slowing down rain water and thermal mass storage. 


Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Since the New Working requires a higher acceptance from the employees, the highest comfort class and modern means of communication were selected. Apart from the attention for the environment as far as interior, finishing, and design (colour and plants) are concerned, much attention was paid to climate and lighting installations as well. For instance, the climate is realised with climate ceilings, and all workplaces are equipped with workplace lighting with which the employee can influence his/her light level him/her self. The client paid much attention to the introduction of the New Working towards the employees, with the support of the Valstar Simonis architect.

For the installation-technical activities, Valstar Simonis formulated the draft and was closely involved in the realisation of the project. To this means several disciplines of Valstar Simonis have been present permanently at the construction site, in order to help monitoring the process. The realisation of the project was carried out in an occupied area where we had to work with shifting floors and for which in a number of cases temporary facilities had to be arranged for.