The Heineken Music Hall is the only location of this size in the Netherlands that was specifically designed for amplified (po) music. Connoisseurs indicate that sound nowhere sounds as good as in the big hall (Black Box).  A hall that can house 5,000 persons bridges the gap between the theatre/pop stages Ahoy/Ziggo Dome. A visit to the Heineken Music Hall is a total experience for lovers of live music. The various catering outlets offer the visitors the opportunity to have a snack or a drink prior to the concert. As conclusion one can still enjoy a drink during an after-show in the Beat Box.

Heineken Music Hall Black-Box-low

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The installation setup of the Heineken Music Hall is characterised by a very efficient setup. The volumes needed for the technical installations were largely included inside the architectural skin. For instance, the complete air treatment installation for the hall and the foyers is located in a “double wall” (in fact a long-stretched technical room) adjacent to the large hall: the “black box theatre”. The air treatment cabinets are equipped with a recirculation option in order to start up as energy-saving as possible (bringing the hall into the right conditions before commencement of the show). Via plenum bins provided with nozzles the ventilation air is blown in from the walls. As a result of this, full space was left for channels, which provides the use of the hall with huge flexibility. The cooling was only added later, after a commercially successful first year. Of course the installations were prepared for this.

Heineken Music Hall Feest-low?

This setup of the installations required precise tuning with the acoustic consultant.

The fire safety installations constituted a special aspect.  In close collaboration with the fire brigade these facilities materialised. The black box is provided with a double roof construction in which smoke and heat discharge facilities are included. The double roof construction was necessary for acoustic reasons (limitation of sound towards the environment).  Furthermore, the following was provided for:

  • A high-pressure extinguishing installation for the benefit of the fire brigade;
  • A sprinkler installation in the foyers and other surrounding rooms of the black box;
  • Evacuation installation;
  • Fire alarm installation with as special feature linear optic detectors in the black box.

For the generation of heat a connection with the district heating was made. Connecting to a possible central cooling system of the public facilities company appeared not to be profitable.

With this project a new standard was set for “music temples” of this size.