Hospital Nobo Otrobanda should become the new hospital on Curaçao. Via a public tendering this project was acquired as DBM contract (Design, Build, and Maintain) by a consortium under leadership of Ballast Nedam. In a competition-oriented dialogue the plan was elaborated up to Preliminary Design level. Based upon that, the consortium was granted the assignment. Subsequently the Final Design was elaborated in full in BIM Revit.

Hospital Nobo Otrobanda is a fully equipped hospital of around 40,000 m2 GFA. Characteristic for the design is the division in a building for the benefit of the hot-floor (poly-clinics, radio therapy, ORs, etc.) and four wings in which among other things the nursing departments, haemodialysis, kitchen restaurant and the like are located. The large entrance hall is the connecting element. This will not be acclimatised. The hall is open and oriented east/west: designing with the wind in the Curaçao tradition.

NOS Hospital Otrabanda

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The buildings are acclimatised, whereby a lot of attention was spent to the façade design in order to minimise sunlight coming in. The air treatment situation was set up in such way that the cooling capacity remains limited, despite the strict inside climate requirement of at most 23 degrees and 60% relative air humidity. Thereby the air tightness of the façade plays an important role as well. This integral design was set up in such way that it also complies with the sustainability ambitions: at least LEED Gold.

Hospital Nobo Otrobanda from Valstar Simonis on Vimeo.

The installations were designed according to the following objectives: seeing to a pleasant surrounding for patients and employees, guaranteeing safety, enhancing efficient, cost-effective, and socially responsible management.