The educational building consists of nine construction layers and offers room to students, general practitioners, specialist, and others. On the ground floor a large entrance is projected with an anatomic museum. From this ground floor there is access to a college room with around four hundred seats. The above construction layers are equipped with congress rooms, theory class rooms, offices, et cetera. This is all completed with a fitness room at construction layer seven.

The educational building has a variety of functionalities: educational rooms, auditorium, museum, offices, and catering.
Striking aspect is the integrally designed 2nd skin fa├žade, in which the window-cleaning installation is located as well.

LUMC onderwijsgebouw Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

At level -1 an energy plant for the supply of energy in the form of cold, heat, steam, and electric energy is provided for. The energy plan will supply the educational building, the adjacent research building, and possible future buildings with energy. On construction layer 7 and the roof installations are erected for the benefit of these energy plant technical installations as well. The energy plant was of great importance for taking the research building into use. A complicating factor was that the educational building was delivered later than the research building.

For the educational building, an installation setup with an innovative and sustainable character was selected. The so-called concrete-core anchoring was chosen for. During the night, energy is stored in the construction mass with which during daytime high loads can be compensated without having to generate expensive cooling energy for this. In order to give the concrete ceilings an optimal cooling effect, lowered ceilings were not selected. Part of the ceiling is covered with acoustic plates in order to limit noise pollution. Lighting fixtures were hung on hanging lamps and the (huge amounts of) fresh air needed is introduced by means of flexible perforated hoses at low speeds.