Since the 1990s Valstar Simonis has been involved at the Haaglanden Medical Centre in various projects at various locations.

Antoniushove location
Many years of preparation preceded the start of the construction of the beds’ house for Antoniushove. The new beds’ house will emerge at the location where first there were a car park and a tram stop, in front of the existing MCH Antoniushove building. At the ground floor will be the central hall, blood sampling, pharmacy, general practitioner, and restaurant.  On the first and second floor the nursing departments are located. These largely consist of broadly arranged one-person rooms with own bathrooms. On the first floor will be an inside garden as well. The entrance will connect the new and the current building, which amounts to thirteen floors. The poly-clinics remain in the existing premises. We are also involved in the new construction of RC West, the oncologic treatment centre.
Besides we are involved in adapting the infrastructure for the electric power supply. The concerns implementing an own 10 kV ring with transformers at strategic locations, a new setup of the emergency power supply and distribution. Part thereof is the disconnecting of the high-rise building from the existing low current installation and providing it with its own 10 kV transformer and low current room.  With the framework of sustainability an energy monitoring system will be implemented.
As a result of the new construction and the expansion of the existing installations, the choice was made to upgrade the existing fire alarm installations.

Medisch Centrum haaglanden Antoniushove Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The climate installations have been designed in such way that in the future it must be possible to connect them to new sustainable installations for the generation of heat and cold, in stead of to the current steam boilers and air-conditioned compression cooling machines for the whole complex.
For the acclimatisation of the bedrooms a balanced mechanical ventilation system in combination with floor heating and a radiation ceiling were selected, at the location of the position of the bed, for heating and cooling. The corresponding bathrooms are equipped with wall heating in stead of a radiator. This not only saves space, but also reduces the cleaning costs and the chances of injuries.
The central hall, between the new and existing construction will be equipped with floor heating and cooling in order to realise a comfortable inside climate.
The climate and sanitary installations for the bedrooms were standardised as much as possible, in order to enable prefab. Another savings item in materials is applying one single built-in mixing tap with an extension above the sink, and another extension for the showers in the bathroom next to the bedroom.