This project consists of a complex that accommodates two primary schools, out of school care, a day nursery, playgroup, library and primary care facilities. Our design creates a high-quality building with a healthy and agreeable indoor climate and energy neutral power consumption.


This is achieved with the sophisticated orientation of the building in combination with the inclined roof with solar panels, combined heat and power plant, LED lighting, short ducts, large amount of incident light, frequency-controlled pumps and fans, radiation heating and CO2 control. Further benefits provided by the short ducts are the very low noise levels from the ventilation systems and the limited space requirements in shafts and ceilings. This results in a building which is both sustainable and comfortable.

  • Heat and cold are generated with the use of an underground storage system;
  • The group areas are ventilated on the basis of the CO2 content of the indoor air; When few or no persons are in an area the ventilation is reduced to save energy.
  • The air duct system avoids sharp corners whenever feasible, as this minimizes the collection of dust. Sufficient inspection hatches will also be installed for the simple cleaning of the system;
  • Special finish of sanitary fittings to simplify cleaning; Energy recovery from ventilation air, both cold in the summer and heat in the winter;
  • Fully programmable building management system with option of programming holidays and public holidays; Maintenance friendly systems with readily accessible and replaceable parts;
  • Pumps and fans equipped with high efficiency electric motors;
  • Installation of daylight controlled light fittings on the façade side;
  • High frequency TL-5 lighting;
  • Solar panels;
  • The building has an inclined roof and is set at the optimum orientation for the use of solar panels;
  • The lighting is switched on the basis of presence and daylight.

3D_Bouwkundig&Installaties MFA Kapelle

The Energy Performance Number is as follows: Average GPR score: 8.7 (process quality).