Two new school building for higher general secondary education, pre-university education, and pre-vocational secondary education (top classes). In building BC the cars are largely removed from sight by over-construction. The western building (BC) has a split-level inner street that acts as central traffic zone and makes out the heart of the building. It also has a gymnastics room. The eastern building (A) has a central atrium with two clusters for practice and theory rooms. Two gyms are located there as well.

Montessori College Nijmegen Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Installation-technically this project requires ambitious sustainability requirements. The air quality complies with the “Clean schools” class B, concrete-core activation for thermal comfort, heat recollection, and the application of heat and cold storage in the soil where both building are connected.
The building is located in a woody environment. It was the wish of the client to obtain an excellent inside climate, but also to be able to open the windows in order to enjoy nature. This was realised by applying concrete-core activation in combination with VAV regulated ventilation. The installation is connected to WKO sources. Herewith a very sustainable and comfortable building was realised.