At the old location of the nursing home ‘De Kleine Waal’ in Papendrecht, the new construction of a multi-functional care centre was realised. It consists of nursing home ‘De Waalburcht’, a nursery, forty-four living/care apartments, a semi-underground closed car park, as well as covered connecting corridors to three existing apartment complexes for the elderly. The first two layers are intended for the nursing home and the nursery. On/in the central part of the nursing home a housing tower of six construction layers with the living/care apartments is located.

Zorgcentrum Waalburcht en Residentie Stolpe Hove Valstar Simonis

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The heating installation in the nursing home was designed as a system for low temperature heating. All housing and sanitary rooms are provided with floor heating including individual regulation per room. The largest advantages thereof are that more living space in the living/bed rooms is available for the inhabitant, there is a high comfort level, and it is easier to clean (no radiator). The temperature can be set both via a thermostat in the room and via the building management system.

Via a heat pump the heat from the ‘waste’ air is recaptured and led to the heating installation.

Zorgcentrum Waalburcht en Residentie Stolpe Hove Valstar Simonis

For the lighting in the living/bed rooms of the nursing home a dimmable lighting fixture at the ceiling was selected with a fixed switch element at the entrance door to the room, and a movable switch element at the location for the bed (switching/dimming via ‘RF’ signals).

For the nursing call-up installation in the living/bed rooms of the nursing room the choice was made to only install a service post, including a receiver for connecting various types of call-up contacts. These call-up contacts are linked wirelessly and can include an emergency button at the bed, a neck cord with emergency button, a sitting pillow with a contact, et cetera. The installation is also prepared for care registration (entering treatment data such as temperature, medical treatments carried out, care provided, medicines administered, etc.).