The Museon (the Dutch Museum for Education) is a sustainable and multi-functional theme building with a great diversity in functionalities. Apart from the exhibition rooms, the building among other things contains a multi-functional auditorium (280 seats, as theatre), a restaurant, workplaces, preparation rooms, a library, workgroup rooms, offices, and depots (around 4,000 m2).


Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

After a quick-scan with among other things NEN 3140 and extensive preparations, the climate installations of the Museon were replaced and renovated. The characteristic design of Wim Quist turned out to be suited for the modern new installations. No essential renovations were necessary. Because of a sophisticated method and apply among other things a temporary air treatment cabinet, it was not necessary for the Museon to close its doors. The complete air treatment, central heating, and cooling installation were replaced and renovated. In the depots of the Museon a completely new climate installation was installed, whereas the collection remained there. To this means two underground cellar rooms outside of the building were realised.

A lot of attention was paid to energy-saving and maintainability. The quality of the inside climate is high. The quality of the inside climate is high. The depots comply with climate class AA according to ASHRAE. The air here is filtered in accordance with the delta plan for maintaining culture.