For the Rivas Zorggroep three healthcare institutions were constructed anew and partially renovated.

For the location Lingesteyn in Leerdam the project concerns the replacing new construction of 2,000 m2 body rooms destined for healthcare-related institutions, with above that a housing complex with twelve two-room apartments, a housing building with eight social centres for eight clients, and a housing building with thirty-two two-room apartments, as well as the renovation of the existing nursing home.

For the Waerthove location in Sliedrecht the project concerns the replacing new construction in the form of a housing building with twelve social centres for eight clients, as well as a housing building with fifty-seven two-room apartments, the removing of the large kitchen, and the replacement of the communication and security installations in building parts to be retained.

For the Schutse location in Gorinchem the projects encompasses the replacing new construction in the form of a housing building with fifty-nine two-room apartments, a recreational room, an day-care.


Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The setup of the installation is almost identical for the three locations mentioned. For the heat and cold generation, central installations combined with an energy storage system were selected. The heating installations were designed as a system for low temperature heating, and the cooling installations for high temperature cooling. All housing and sanitary rooms are provided with floor heating and cooling, including individual regulation per room. The largest advantages thereof are that more living space in the living/bed rooms is available for the inhabitant, there is a high comfort level, and it is easier to clean (windows and no radiator). The temperature can be regulated via a thermostat in the room, or via the building management system.

For ventilation a balanced system with centrally located air treatment cabinets with a high yield heat recollection and a combined battery for heating and cooling was selected. In the housing buildings with the social centres, the amount of air is regulated based on a clock programme, and the two-room apartments are all provided with two (charge and discharge) variable volume regulators with 30-100% regulation in the kitchen.

For remote management all climate installations including the living/bed rooms are connected to a building management system.

For the nursing call-up installation choice was made to only install a service post, including a receiver for connecting various types of call-up contacts. These call-up contacts are linked wireless. This can for example be an emergency button next to the bed, a neck wire with an emergency button, or a pillow. The installation is also prepared for care registration (entering treatment data such as temperature, medical treatments carried out, care provided, medicines administered, etc.). Via the service post in living/bed rooms the outside sun blinds can be operated as well.