The shopping centre was largely outdated and no longer in fashion with the shopping audience. After thirty-five years, the installation urgently needed replacement. Because of renovation and expansion, the shopping centre will obtain a new impulse and will become an attractive location to establish for large shopping chains. By investing in energy-saving installations as well as an improved building skin, the exploitation costs will reduce considerably.

The existing shopping centre will be renovated in four phases, and the new construction will be carried out in two phases. The requirement of the client was to keep the shopping centre operational during the renovation. In order to comply with this requirement, a temporary work floor was installed in the passages. As a result of this, the shops can stay open normally and the shopping audience can walk under the work floor on daytime, whereas the installers above the work floor are busy renewing all installations.  All radical constructional and installation-technical modifications take place after closing time of the shops.

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Because of the later modifications of the interior and facilities of the user rooms to be expected, but also for maintenance, inspection and operation, central installation parts were designed in a well-accessible manner. Expansion of and modifications to new installations are possible without radical constructional activities being necessary for this. Installations are constructed simply, can be controlled well, and are accessible.
Starting points for the renovation and new construction of the shopping centre were that they should comply with the BREEAM-NL certificate, with the ambition “Very Good”.  Among other things this is obtained by the EP improvement and the reuse of materials.