Theatre “De Spiegel” (The Mirror) offers space to a compact theatre hall with 850 seats. By lifting the ceiling six metres and increasing the stage opening from 14x8 to 18x14 metres, extra space is created for the acoustic volume, because of which the hall is suited for concerts and operas with a natural volume. The number of seats was thus expanded into 1,000.


Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The basic draft was already designed very sustainable. For instance, all air treatment installations are equipped with heat recollection with a yield of > 70%. Where possible, the lighting is switched off in case there is sufficient daylight available or no persons are present. The cooling and heating installations are designed to operate at temperature levels that are suited for alternative energy sources, such as ground storage systems. The option of ground storage was investigated intensively for this project. The ground around the project is heavily polluted and no ground water sanitation will take place in this area for the coming decades. Both separately and in combination with the ground water sanitation system, ground storage of energy appeared not (yet) economically feasible for this project.