The new construction of the sports complex of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), with as end-user the University Sports Centre Amsterdam (USC) has meanwhile replaced the sports centre at De Boelelaan 46. The new USC is part of the project concerning the new construction and renovation of the FNWI (Faculty of Natural Sciences Mathematics and Informatics).

The USC was realised at the Science Park Amsterdam in the Watergraafsmeer district. Within this area, there are various buildings and facilities intended for living, research, education, and office purposes. The new sports complex is located directly next to the Faculty of Natural Sciences Mathematics and Informatics. The sports complex offers room to various sports and sports facilities, such as various indoor sports (volleyball, basketball, etc.) as well as fitness, saunas, solariums, a climbing wall, yoga, boxing, fencing, and squash. There is also a room set up for physiotherapy as well as a cosy sports cafe with a kitchen. On the floor (which one?) there are two large sports halls in accordance with the requirements of the NOC*NSF (Dutch Sports Federation).

The users of the sports complex mainly include students who are studying at the University and College of Amsterdam. However, it is also possible for non-students to register for various types of sport and make use of the facilities. The USC offers the option to rent halls and sports facilities to external users. Apart from rental of halls for sports purposes, the halls can also be used for examinations, pop concerts, flee markets, and other events.

Universitair Sport Centrum Amsterdam

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Starting point for the setup of the technical installation was realising an efficient exploitation. The installations of the building therefore designed for little maintenance. The sum of the investments and exploitation costs for the life-span of the building and installation parts was kept as low as possible. Because of the later modifications of the interior and facilities of the user rooms to be expected, but also for maintenance, inspection, and operation, central installation parts were designed in a continuously well-accessible manner. Expansion of and modifications to new installations are possible without radical constructional activities being necessary for this. Pipeline systems must be accessible well from the technical rooms.

(Sustainable) installations used:

  • WKO with heat pumps;
  • Full cooling in the whole building;
  • Presence detection;
  • Daylight regulation for lighting;
  • CO2 regulation per room.

Universitair Sport Centrum Amsterdam