The rentable part of the Eurotoren in Almere was delivered by Valstar Simonis as a body. Later, we were approached by renter USG People the Netherlands for advice regarding an installation-technical building-in package.

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

A multi-functional developers building focussed on the high end of the offices’ market. A flexible design within which various office solutions and concepts fit. From the design phase this was taken into account. A representative project that emerged from an interactive collaboration in the design team and with the user. Apart from modern office workplaces and the car park, public areas (desk functionalities) were integrated in the building. Among other things, this requires a clear separation and sound security.

The building complied with the latest energy standard at the time of delivery. The building is connected to the district heating system, supplied with LT heating, and is also equipped with a daylight-dependant lighting system. From the basic design, various types of office use were taken into account. Therewith a flexible and sustainable building was realised.

The ‘build-in’ package among other things contained the following parts:

  • Computer centre (160 m²/500 kWth) including full air conditioning and emergency power facilities at the 1st floor of the building (previously destined for room and/or group offices);
  • Company restaurant for 200 persons including limited kitchen facilities;
  • Office rooms on the floors instead of office ‘gardens’;
  • Pantry and repro facilities on the floors;
  • Smoking areas on various floors;
  • High-quality office rooms and meeting rooms on the upper 3 floors for the management and the Board of Directors.

Since upon commencement of the project only part of the desired ‘build-in’ package was known, it was chosen to formulate a ‘basic’ tendering document for the technical installations, with the general provisions and the starting points to be followed, et cetera. For each part of the ‘build-in’ package a supplement was formulated subsequently. Because of this, very soon after the commencement of the project we could start with the first partial projects, whereas the information on the last partial projects was not or not completely known yet. In this way, a lot of time was saved and parts could be taken into use beforehand.