The O2 building is the new research and educational building of the Free University Amsterdam, and is strategically located at the southern axis. O2 will become the intermediary between the renewed campus of the VU and the VU medical centre. The building is intended for biomedical and biochemical education and research. Various research groups of the VU and the VUmc which collaborate in the field of Human Health and Life Sciences (H2LS) will ne located there. Around 700-750 FTEs will be located in the building. Furthermore there is room for around 100 master students at the groups of FEW and FALW, and around 50-100 at the VUmc. In total a gross floor surface of 33.500 m2 divided over fourteen floors will be realised.


On the floors the building is divided into three zones:

  • Laboratories at the west and east side
  • Office space at the north and south side
  • Facilities for the labs, meetings and facilities in the centre zones.

The ground floor, the 13th floor (MLIII labs/hotel function) and the technique layers 5 and 9 are not divided in this way.


Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

The new educational and laboratory building has a long history. Valstar Simonis has been involved in this from the beginning of the design phase. Firstly it was designed as Research and Diagnostics Building for the VUmc. Now, after modification of the specifications for the new users, the building will be realised as VU O|2 building. At the reviewed design for the new user optimum use could be made of the flexibility that was already “embedded” in the first design. At some locations, the maximum was obtained from the building and the installations, since educational facilities are characterised by sometimes high concentrations of fume cupboards. This means a lot for air treatment! A lot of attention was paid to elaboration the installations at laboratory level. Thereby uniformity in the basis was pursued. Laboratories that are charged heavier subsequently have modular expansions on the basis. The especially applies for cooling and air treatment.