The second educational building - as Orion is sometimes called as well - offers room to college rooms, instruction and lab rooms, a restaurant & grand cafe. The building was constructed in order to cope with the considerable growth of the number of students at Wageningen Campus.

Then pentagonal building is 45 metres high and has a monolithic appearance: high, stern, and symmetrical. At the ground floor restaurant facilities with an inner garden are situated. At the first and second floor the large college room (auditorium) constitutes the heart of the design. This also shows the speciality of the design. The auditorium has the shape of a spaceship or UFO that hangs above the entrance hall, so to speak. The auditorium has 720 seats, but can also be divided into two to six smaller rooms by means of detachable intermediate walls.

Universiteit Wageningen gebouw Orion Valstar Simonis

Behind the auditorium a smaller rectangular room with 360 seats is situated, which can be divided into two or three rooms. The college rooms can thus be used as flexibly as possible. The other six floors are mainly intended for lab and computer rooms. On those floors a very special floor system was applied. Inside the floors concrete-core anchoring was applied. The floors have integrated floor grooves for the cables to the lab tables. At the lower side of the floor, a perforated sheet of corrugated iron (SAB profile) was included that properly passes on the radiation of the concrete-core anchoring and also sees to the necessary room muffling. No lowered ceiling was applied. Inside the profiles the lighting fixtures were included as well. Because of this an extremely compact and innovative floor package emerges, resulting in a huge net room height.

Installations, Flexibility & Sustainability

Orion is more sustainable than previously anticipated. It has a GreenCalc+ score (a green measurement that was developed by the Dutch Ministry of Housing and Construction) of 204 en 470 MIG. This score is achieved by especially efficient sustainable energy consumption. Because of the sound insulation of the building, heat will indeed have to be discharged of regularly and efficient reuse is possible. Various ventilator systems and concrete-core anchoring see to the acclimatisation of the building. Reuse of the discharge air from the college rooms and rain water that falls on the roof garden takes place as well. Furthermore smart use is made of the orientation of the building compared to the sun. The sun must namely light optimally, but not heat too much. Ventilation of warm rooms namely costs energy. Just like the Forum and the Atlas, Orion also has heat/cold storage. This system makes use of the surface water for cooling during the summer and after re-infiltration the same surface water can be used for heating during the winter. Above the ground the surface water can be cooled of or heated up further in order to cool of or heat up the building.