We are ever more dependant on electrical installations, especially in the built environment. Proper lighting, electric equipment on the workplace, security systems, and communication with the outside world are almost regarded as self-evident. In case of an interruption, like a failing network, it appears how dependant we are on the proper functioning of all those installations.

Apart from other important aspects such as for example sustainability and adaptation flexibility, for Valstar Simonis the reliability of electrical installations comes first. This translates itself in the pursuit for a clear and easily to maintain installation, whereby the technical setup, functionality, and operating options are not made more complex than necessary.

In case of applying new techniques, such as LED lighting and wireless data communication, we consider it important to find the proper balance between progressiveness and prove technology. Our technicians, designers, and project managers therefore closely follow the latest technical developments in order to be able to make the right considerations during the designing process for each project.

Because of our involvement in the huge diversity of projects, lots of experience was acquired in choosing the installation concepts, elaborating into a design, and correctly realising small up to very large electrical installations. We are also regularly asked to provide a second opinion.
This broad basis of knowledge and experience provides our clients with the trust the electrical technique is in good hands with Valstar Simonis.