The question whether your building is indeed fire-safe many organisations can nowadays not answer clearly demonstrably. Each building is indeed confronted with the dangers that influence its fire safety. A safety for which you as owner and/or user of a building carry the responsibility. Valstar Simonis has a specialised department that integrally approaches fire safety. An approach whereby not only a plan is formulated within the frameworks of the current legislation and regulations, but also within the frameworks of the policy conditions of your insurer (building and/or fire & theft). Valstar Simonis is all too well aware that fire safety is a combined action of constructional and installation-technical facilities, but also of organisational arrangements within your organisation. An integral approach that not only creates optimum fire safety in a building, but that also sees to it that the investment and exploitation costs of fire safety facilities are kept as low as possible.

Seeing to fire safety means caring about lives and property.

Peter Boll, Fire Safety Specialist at Valstar Simonis BV, Rijswijk

Valstar Simonis is informed on the tightened-up legislation and regulations, as well as the latest techniques. Apart from that Valstar Simonis maintains close contacts with (government) organisations involved in the field of fire safety in the Netherlands. Valstar Simonis can therefore consult you like no one else in the field of fire safety and fire safety installations. Whether it concerns fire safety inspections, formulating a programme of requirements for a fire alarm installation, or elaborating the necessary fire safety facilities - Valstar Simonis wants to be your partner and primary contact at that.  Your partner to finally report to you with full confidence that your building is fire-safe!