For Valstar Simonis technique and maintenance are not about costs, but about a contribution to the value that housing has for you.

Proper housing as important condition for a sound business result. Both for you as owner of a building and for you as user of a building. At Valstar Simonis the focus of Management and Maintenance not only lies on having a building and its installations function integrally in the right manner, but especially on the added value that a building and its installations have. After all, the value of the Management and Maintenance results from supplying a maximum and optimum availability against minimal costs. From this vision our Management and Maintenance consultants are happy to help you with the optimal functioning of your housing during the user phase. One can thereby think of issues such as a correct maintenance strategy, or in how far long-term maintenance plans and your maintenance contract sufficiently contribute to your ambitions. Valstar Simonis: a consultant that has no financial interests in the implementation. Your consultant that is genuinely independent and has only one single interest: the client.