One of the main disciplines with which Valstar Simonis Consultants Installation Technique occupies itself is mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering installations are understood to mean: heating installations, air treatment and ventilation, cooling installations, sanitary installations (rain water, discharge, sewerage, water installations, and sanitary installations), fire combating installations (smoke and heat discharge, sprinkler, fire hoses), technical and medical gas installations (among other things in hospitals) and steam installations.

An important element of the building installations is the regulating installation. Therefore Valstar Simonis has a team of specialist available. For a properly operating mechanical engineering installation, a sound regulating technique is indispensable. And this results in a modern, integral building installation - also integrated with the electrical installations.

Each building needs installations in order to be able to offer a comfortable environment in which the intended activities can be carried out. Whether this concerns education or research, an office environment, or a theatre. In order to be able to establish the necessary mechanical engineering installation needed, a Programme of Requirements is needed. If the Programme of Requirements is not available yet, we help to map the requirements and wishes and to record them in a structured and understandable manner. Therewith before the design the starting points and designing criteria are determined.

By means of these unequivocal starting points, the sustainability ambition, and the available installation budget, the mechanical engineering installations are designed. Thereby, important aspects included the functionality of the installation, the materials to be applied, the maintainability, and the energy-use during the user phase. During each phase of the design process, the detail level of the design is increased in order to be able to deliver a design at the required level in time and within budget.

During the implementation phase, we participate in work meetings and construction meetings in order to counsel the implementation. Apart from that, we perform control rounds at work in order to assess and guarantee the quality of the implemented works. Before the delivery, functional tests are carried out, whereby the regular technique plays an important role. After deliver, after-care is provided for. During that period we see to it that final issues are being solved. And we counsel the client/user at using the building and building installations.