Sustainability: many people speak about it - but we see that it will happen. By designing from a sustainable background, applying sustainable technology in our designs, and by communicating clearly on costs and feasibility. This sustainable background, what is that exactly? For us that means keeping our feet on the ground, and realising that a future without sustainability is no future. Comfortable, healthy, and flexible buildings and installations are necessary in order to fill in the future in a sustainable manner.

Thereto we collaborate, often in projects but also otherwise (for example in the Dutch Green Building Council) with all stakeholders in the built environment in order to further develop sustainability and putting it into practice. But also new forms of collaboration and modernisation in contract and project forms (for example in Vernieuwing Bouw, Construction Modernisation) help along to really modernise and make sustainable.

Our people are informed on the latest technologies. The latest developments in the field of sustainability labels and certification (among other things BREEAM). And we are happy to help you with a short ‘Quick Scan’ or extensive research into the options to make your buildings, installations and work method sustainable.